Step 25 – Get Real With Yourself

I wrote over 20 posts about transformation by now and have another 100 on my mind at least, but there is one thing I should have mentioned at the very beginning. One of the first steps to change something about yourself is just to get real with yourself. What do I mean by that? Just be honest with yourself. As easy as it sounds, it’s not easy at all.

You don’t have a dream job?  OK, but… What is it that you actually did to get it? Did you do anything at all? Did you send any applications, did the research or at the very least google what was needed?

You’ve been single forever now? (Like I am). Why is it so? There are no good guys out there? Not true. You didn’t have time? You might have not, but it’s also a matter of your priorities – a guy wasn’t a priority for you, so don’t be surprised if there is no one around you. Do you think you’re not attractive enough to have a guy? Not true, you won’t be a goddess for everyone, but there are guys who would find you the most amazing woman in the world. Come on! If it’s been already a few years, you can’t keep blaming the guys. 

You don’t have a body you want to have? Let’s face it – you’re lazy or you eat crap. (Shocked? Well, this is what I call getting real with yourself). You can work out, but if you eat wrong things, forget about having a  great body. You can blame your metabolism, “thick bones” and whatever there that you want, but the truth is – you just don’t do the work. Do you say you don’t have time to work out? First of all – I don’t believe you. Second of all –  as I said before – it’s a matter of priorities. You choose to watch a show or a movie, or play some games, or even read, cook, or lay on a bed instead of working out. Don’t say you didn’t have time to work out: you choose not to have time to work out.  You have chosen something else instead of working out. Shocked again…? As I said: this is called “getting real with yourself”.

How are your finances? Do you constantly have no money? Does it mean you don’t make enough or do you spend it on stupid things? How many bags or a pair of shoes do you have? How many drinks did you have last week? What kind of stuff do you buy? What are your expenses? Maybe you make enough, after all?

Getting real with yourself is crucial to start making any changes. How do you plan to change your situation if you don’t know where is the root of your problem? Do you want a dream job? It’s time for action – write down what is what you want and get detailed about the steps to actually achieve that. And it’s the same with any other thing you want to get. Even when it comes to relationships. You can’t just find a guy sitting in your apartment and checking Facebook every 5 minutes. Stop saying this stupid sentence: “He’ll find me one day”. Unless he’s a plumber, he won’t find you. You have to go out there, get to know new people, go online and find a dating app that works for you and most importantly – be open and look around and not only stare at your phone. 

If you don’t want to do these things maybe you just really don’t want change? Do you? Before you answer this question, get real with yourself. The answer may not be pleasant, but it is crucial you answer it truthfully. Change starts in a place of truth, not of self-deception. Are you ready to get real…?