I don’t believe in competition

Do you know why did I stop being jealous of other’s people success even in my field, and I cheer for them? Because I don’t believe in competition. I think that there is room for everyone.

My firm belief has a root in something more significant. I don’t believe in a coincidence either; what does a coincidence even mean? I believe in this higher power that is above us (call it as you want; you can call it God), and I think that each thing that happened to you, had a valid reason to happen. We all have been through many unpleasant moments and experiences, and they were necessary to build us up. They had to happen to make us who we’ve become now. Own your story and tell it to help others and inspire them.

We’re all unique, we haven’t gone through the same things, we tell a different story, and that’s the reason we shouldn’t even compete with each other. I want to help people, and so do want many others. And that’s amazing! We all can share a piece of us, and you never know which part resonates with whom.

We often don’t start doing the things we want, because the competition paralyzes you. We see others on social media, and we think that all the spaces are filled up. They are not. People would work with you not necessary because you’re the best, but because you speak to them the right way (and you might be the best, too). They understand your message, and they trust you. Do you know this feeling – you talk to someone, and you’ve heard he/she is amazing in their job, but for some reason, you don’t want to work with them? Or the opposite – you meet someone, and you click right away, you don’t even want to hear their pitch, you’re sold already. It’s because we’re not for everyone, and everyone is not for us, but we’re for someone, and someone is for us. Once you believe in it, it’s easier to reach out for things you want. Trust me, there is a client for your services. That’s why I started my business. I believe that there are people out there who will resonate with me (and there are others who will hate my message ). Am I the best? Not yet, but I can help many people already, and they have been waiting for me. And they’ve been waiting for you, too. You don’t have to be the best to start. Whomever you are – a musician/artist/coach/lawyer/speaker/healer/doctor/teacher/architect/filmmaker/photographer/contractor –– your presence is as valid as others in your field. Don’t quit because “there are others who are better.” There are, and they always will be there. Don’t get defensive; you’d better start improving and collaborating

Think who is your desired clients. Don’t say “Everyone,” because it doesn’t mean a thing, and as I said – not everyone is for you. And start believing that you’re already enough to do the job you’ve always wanted to do. You’re not the best when you take off, no one is, but you will improve as you go. But you have to start, you have to break this thinking pattern that “you need more time/skills/money” to start whatever is that you want to do. It will take some courage, a lot of afford and a lot of work, and it won’t be easy (the older I get, the more I understand that nothing is), but as I said in my previous post – is it easy for you now? Do you like what you do? I know that some of you can’t stand me asking this question thinking that I tell you what to do. I don’t; I want you to live your true-self life. And that requires some changes and breaking a lot of patterns that became part of your life. I wouldn’t encourage you to do it if it wasn’t worth it. I know you prefer Netflix & Chill, me too (btw Stranger Things season 3 was great), but will that create the life you wanted?

And while you’re chilling, there is someone out there working their ass off so you’d better start today.