This subject has been on my mind for a while now. I’m really appreciative that I have a chance to live in another country and get a completely different perspective on so many things. I have a feeling that living in only one country – no matter if it’s somewhere in Europe, in the US,  or anywhere else – gives you only one perspective and it’s very difficult to get out of the single way of thinking, because it’s just deep in your DNA, so to speak. That’s why I’ll keep saying that going somewhere for 2 weeks doesn’t give you any idea of what the life out there is like. You can get a hint, but that’s it. I changed my mind about many things since I moved to NY. I think differently about religion, eating, mind, coaching, racism, celebrities, my own country, relationships, body. And one of these things I also think differently about is being overweight.

I’m ashamed to admit that whenever I used to see someone who was overweight, I’d say: „Just don’t eat like pig. Just stop eating!” And I thought that by saying so I was doing someone a favor. I would never say that again because I finally understood that what’s outside is a clear indication of what’s going on inside a person. The fact that someone is overweight doesn’t only mean that he/she loves to eat. You can be a foodie and still be skinny. Food is usually a substitute for something else – it’s a form of escape. If you’re happy with yourself, your weight will start dropping down. And yet if there is something inside you that wasn’t healed, you might be seeking your salvation in food. And the strange thing is that you might not even eat that much and you will still gain weight! Because it’s all in your head.

Food is as much of an addiction as anything else (alcohol, drugs, sugar, internet). It gives us pleasure in absence of other sources of it. When I see an overweight person now, I just know that’s not about cutting carbs or avoiding pasta, I immediately know that that person is struggling with something deeper. It’s different for everyone and it usually is much more complicated than you think. I might have been a guy who rejected you, your parents who didn’t give you enough love or gave you too much love (because it might go this way too), teachers at school, your peers. This could be only one (yes – ONE!) sentence that someone told you that stuck so deep inside you that now you’re not able to recover out of it. One of your parents could have said to you that you’d never be good enough to find this job/ boyfriend/friend you wanted to have and that’s it, this is all it took to scare you for life. And the very sad part is – that you might have no idea about any of that, about the root of your problem and you might just think that you eat too much. And it may take years for you to find the cause of your problem. 

My point it – don’t be so quick to judge someone, because you never know what this person is or was going through in their life. And also for people who’re struggling with weight – yes, working out, eating clean is a great idea, but please do your best to find a root of your problem and give yourself a different life.