Step 8 – Do you like yourself?

I started my “Transformation” section on Just Like NY to help you guys and to help myself lead a new, more conscious and happier life. I’ve been writing about changes that you should make in your life in order to fulfill yourself more, but I haven’t asked you the primary question: “Do you even like yourself”? I know that some of you would think it’s a very stupid question ), but it’s a very important question within everything begins. So – Do you truly like yourself? What do you think about yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning? (after you put some make-up of course). Are you able to smile at yourself? Are you satisfied with what you see? If you look at yourself saying: “Oh lord!” it’s time for changes. I really do like myself and it’s always been like that.

My friends can be my witness – there’s no one who makes me laugh as much as I do. I love people, but I also love spending time with myself and I never get bored. You have to learn to spend time with yourself to sort out your thoughts, to understand what’s going on with you, how much you’ve changed and to simply get to know yourself. What’s happening now is that we often spend this time beating ourselves up. We just focus on what went wrong, what we haven’t achieved yet, who we didn’t become, what should we work on. And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing – this knowledge is important too – but there are other ways too. How about you sit down and think of what kind of great things you did recently? How about thinking about what you like about yourself? Maybe you should take a piece of paper and write down what is that you like about yourself and what is that your friends like about you. When you’re done, smile at yourself and tell yourself how awesome you are (I keep telling this to myself all the time). Why is it so important? Because if you don’t like yourself other people will not find a reason to like you either. If you don’t like yourself, it means you’re focusing on the negative things and this is the soil you can’t plant any good seeds in. If you truly want to have a different life, you have to learn to like yourself and – moreover – learn to love yourself. I recommend you do one simple task: stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself: “I love you. “Have you ever tried that before? And again – it might sound silly, but believe me – it brings results. Seems easy? It definitely wasn’t easy for me, even though I liked myself a lot. I cried like a baby saying these words for the first few…weeks. That’s why it’s so important to give ourselves credit for our daily achievements and for who we’ve become. Of course, we do make mistakes (who doesn’t?), but when you look at yourself, I bet you can easily say – It’s not that bad overall, right? So there is a reason to like yourself, ba, to love yourself, right?