Does Coaching Make Any Sense?

I must admit that I find the whole discussion around coaching really amusing. “Does it make sense…?”; “Should they allow it to be happening…?”. It’s hilarious. I wonder why it bothers so many people so much. It’s pretty common in the USA that people have their coaches. Americans are really into the whole self-development thing – and you know what? That’s great. I don’t see anything bad about it, I really do like it in fact. Maybe that’s why I wanted to move here in the first place. I’ve had a few sessions with a coach and found them extremely helpful. Once I start making more money, I will definitely do it again.

Many successful people have coaches and I’m not talking only about business people. Famous athletes (Andre Agassi, Serena Willimas), musicians (Usher), actors (Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Leonardo DiCaprio), fashion designers (Donna Karan) – they all found their way to people who helped them to discover their true potential and move to an upper level. The misunderstanding about coaching is that people think it’s only for those who are in business and it’s only about motivation. No, you don’t have to sit in a huge conference room and listen to a guy who yells motivational one-liners at you. It might not work for you, especially if you don’t trust him in the first place.

If you find a good coach, he/she can make you powerful. The truth is that you have no idea what you’re capable of, where does your current limit truly comes from and what are the obstacles you must overcome to have a different life. And by different life, I don’t mean just a wealthy life. Being more aware of who you are and what you can give not only to yourself but to others, is very powerful. You can go through your life the way you are now, sure, if you’re happy with who you’d become, with what you provide to your family and with the plans you have for your future. Still, if you think all that, I suspect there may be something wrong with you. If you don’t feel like learning and gaining new knowledge of yourself, that’s fine, that’s your call – but don’t look down on people, or make fun of them, just because they decided to do something about it and achieve results. And those who make fun of that are usually those who never even had a single session. As I said – I’m a huge fan of improving myself and this is what coaching it is for me, but I don’t believe in just plain motivation. I’m a Tony Robbins girl, which means that I believe that growing on your business won’t help you if you don’t deal with yourself first. Fight your fears first, and then you can expand your business. These growing amounts of money won’t give you happiness if you have wounds that haven’t been healed yet. 

I still don’t get it why coaching bothers so many people. I don’t call people names because they love fishing/ hiking/ gardening/attending church / do yoga, which are things I happen not to be doing. If someone wants to be coached – let them do it; it’s someone’s choice that has nothing to do with you. We believe in it, you don’t, and that’s fine. We don’t want to force you to the in it, so don’t be afraid. Again – focus on yourself and make sure that your choices are right. Other people’s choices are none of your business at all.