Step 14 – Temporary Pleasure Doesn’t Bring Long Term Results

This is the thing. I wrote on Just Like NY recently that everyone wants fast results but doesn’t want to do the extra work crucial to get what we desire. It really will not happen overnight and it really requires hard work. If you want to achieve your goal, there are 3 steps you need to take: 

1.       Write down your goal

2.       Write down what action you have to take in order to get there

3.       Put action in motion

We still have a month of this year left, which means it’s a perfect time to make a plan. Don’t wait until January. Make it now. What it is that you want to get? Do you think it’s impossible? Great, that only means your dream is worth it and you can actually make it happen. It won’t be easy? You know what? It shouldn’t be easy. Nothing that’s worth anything comes easy. Were it easy, you wouldn’t grow through this whole process, so shut up and do the work.

Shortcuts just lead to the temporary pleasure and temporary pleasure won’t give you long-term results. Let’s say you want to lose some weight and you started eating healthy and work out. You’re good for a week, and then you decide to have a cookie, and then a latte and a donut and have a workout break for 3 days, because “you deserved it”. First of all – you didn’t deserve it. Second of all – you just wasted the whole first week. The work you put in for yourself just went down the toilet. How do you want to get somewhere if you are constantly breaking your own rules? Why do you even set them up if you have no intention in following them? How about saying “No” more often?

Yes, I must admit, it’s hard at the beginning. Well, it’s hard for a very long time, to be honest with you, but then, there is this one day that it just gets easier. There is this one day when saying “No” is not a problem anymore and it seems as obvious as the fact that the sun is shining. It took me eight months to get there and I can say it’s really worth it. You change through the whole process, you become more aware of who you are and of what you’re capable of. Do you know how proud you will be of yourself when one day you’d look in the mirror seeing all the changes you were looking for? Your body is the best example because it gives you visible results. It shows you that if you really take care of it, nourish it the right way and work out, it becomes what you wanted it to be. And it’s the same with other aspects of your life. Put some work in yourself and the results will come. They won’t be visible at first, but they will appear one day. So don’t be tempted by something that gives you pleasure only for a few minutes; think bigger than that.  Simply write down what is it that you want and the essential steps you have to take to get there and have it always on you (as well as within), so whenever you’d want to get off the track you’ll put yourself right back on it. Think bigger than usual. And be consistent. I promise you will get results.