Step 9 – Three steps to transform your body

The real transformation of my life started with a transformation of my body. It’s really hard for me to believe that someone who’s been struggling with extra weight for their whole life can be truly satisfied with themselves. I know exactly what struggling with your body can do to your confidence. I learned it the hard way myself. 

I know exactly what low self-esteem can do to you because I lived with it through my 20s. Then, one day, I finally said: “Enough is enough”. Everything changed when I realized that it’s all up to me. This one day, I truly decided to change something. 

The first thing that worked for me in order to keep my body in shape was starting doing cleansing regularly.  So I’ve been doing it once a year for the last 6 years (I do the Colo Vada program). This one works for me, but I’m open to try new ones.

The second important thing I understood I needed, and I understood it pretty late at that (just at the beginning of 2014), was being consistent in my workouts. After following Polish fitness trainer Ewa Chodakowska’s YouTube channel for a few months, I finally decided to cut the bullshit, stop looking for excuses and just be consistent. I stopped going to a gym, I bought a matte and started working out in my apartment with Ewa on YouTube. I did the “6 minutes” program for a year (it takes only 30min) and I’ve been doing “Killer”(it’s only 40 min) program the last 4 months. I also add swimming to that twice a week. I try to do some kind of physical activity at least 4 times a week (but pretty intensely) + I walk a lot. Suddenly my stomach got flat, cellulite is disappearing and my body got new muscles – and it’s been only 2 years of work (the results would have come sooner, had I changed my diet from the very beginning of my regular workouts). 

The third important element is healthy nutrition. This part I understood even later – just this March. I started eating alkaline (I wrote about it on Just Like NY already), I forgot that some products even exist and I barely touch alcohol. It’s not as difficult as you may think – alcohol doesn’t give me much pleasure anymore. Unfortunately I still like sweets (they give me the hell of a pleasure) and I’m addicted to coffee – but I was able to cut it to 2-3 cups a week. But the struggle is real and it’s an everyday work. 

If you don’t stick to these three elements, it will be difficult for you to succeed (one of them is not enough). Nothing will change, so don’t even start. Transformation starts at that very moment when you decide it’s time to change and you’re ready for it. My determination to change my body was stronger than anything else. And every time I didn’t feel like working out (almost every time during the first months) I kept saying to myself: “This is the only way, keep on doing it, it will get easier one day”. And it did. It’s still painful and I look for excuses sometimes, but it brings results which are way more important that you might think. I believe that your body, the way you look at it, and the way you feel inside of it, can really transform your life. The question is – how determined are you to actually change it…?