Super Bowl

Among many days of celebration in the US, one is definitely leading the pack. I mean, of course, the Super Bowl, which is the final game of the American football season. This year it will take place tomorrow, on 1 February. What is all the fuss about? In fact, the real appeal is to meet your friends and family, consume large amounts of food and beer (or other spirits) and cheer your favorite team. Everyone is celebrating, even if they are not particularly interested in sports. The fiesta begins around noon, and the game starts just after 7 pm. All bars tune in their TV sets to the game, special projectors are added, and some places even take bets. Everywhere you turn, you will see sports fans wearing the colors of their beloved team.

Those not particularly interested in the game are all waiting for half-time, which is a half-hour show taking place after the first half of the game. To perform during the half-time is a great honor for any artist. Only the biggest American stars get invited to do that. During the last couple of years, the likes of Bruno Mars, Madonna, and Beyoncé did their shows. This year, it will be Katy Perry. You can be sure that all the eyes will be directed at her, and the following day her show will be more commented upon than the game itself. An honor? Sure, but also a hell of a pressure.

Besides the show and the game Itself, everyone is paying attention to TV commercials prepared especially for that day – usually much more interesting and funnier than the everyday fare. These spots will be widely commented on, as well, which is why all the major companies are trying to reach peaks of creativity. I hope that this year they will try a bit harder since what I saw in the past two years didn’t particularly impress me.

Below, you can find a link to one of the commercials shared with me by my friend Mariusz. I dare you to watch it and not get moved by it. Budweiser spent 20 million bucks on those commercials. If that piece of information doesn’t move you, I don’t know what will. 😉