„The Lion King” on Broadway

I have wished for a long time for a movie, show or a concert to envelop me completely and make me feel those special vibrations inside that enable me to walk three feet above the ground. And finally, they’re here: the beloved butterflies in my stomach. It’s all thanks to Broadway, and more specifically – to the stage version of “The Lion King”.

I have no idea how did it happen that it was only now that I decided to go, having missed it for year after year. What’s important is that I experienced it and I have to say that it was one of the most moving shows I have ever seen. It grabbed me by the heart within the first seconds and it still holds me. It felt like a delicate balm poured right into my soul.

I commented on Broadway shows on JLNY already, after I saw “Motown”, but let me repeat myself: Broadway is a real marvel and my heart belongs to it. If I could, I would love to see every single show that’s playing. In “The Lion King” everything clicked perfectly: wonderful costumes, great actors, incredible set design and precision of every single detail. Last but not least: a ton of emotion. I will leave it to you to witness the details yourselves, but let me just say that I believe seeing “The Lion King” should be on top of your NYC musts. I realize the tickets are not cheap – on the day of the show you can pay $90 and usually they hover around $200, but I encourage you to set up a separate piggy bank for that purpose alone. I promise you won’t regret it and you will thank me afterwards (you can, of course, send me 10% of the saved amount… just kidding!). “The Lion King” fills you up and gives you the energy you need, just like having sex with the hottest guy on Plenty of Fish.

Once you have seen the show, do watch this video on YouTube.  Goose bumps are guaranteed: 

Practical advice:

I usually get my Broadway tickets at Times Square, right underneath the red staircase, since it is there you can get them half-priced. We tried for two days and there was no discount for “The Lion King”, so on the day of the show, three hours before the scheduled time (when prices are lower), we simply got the tickets at the Minskoff Theatre box office, on 45th and Broadway, at 65% price and getting comfortable seats in the third row. I know it was risky, but still both on that day and the day before when we went to see a different show, there was no problem at all with getting the ticket on the day of the show (granted, this is not the season, and “The Lion King” is not a new show, but still). If you are planning to come here for a few days or longer, you can easily plan to buy your tickets on the day of the show.

Make sure to be there on time and don’t miss the start of the show!!! Every second spent on Broadway is golden – and will stay in your memory forever.