Step 10 – Don’t Take Everything For Granted

All wise people I’ve been listening to recently are saying basically the same thing: “Be grateful for what you already have, and it will bring results”. I think that one of our biggest everyday sins is that we take things for granted. And it’s true about every aspect of our lives. We think that everything we already have will always be there, so we stop appreciating it.  I just got one example of that myself. They are finally fixing my bathroom (yay!) and it seems like not such a big deal, but… renovating means that everything has first to be torn down, including my toilet, which I didn’t consider at the moment I cheerfully agreed upon the transformation.  I suddenly faced a real problem – where am I going to pee? You think I’m exaggerating and it’s not such a big deal? Go ahead, try it. Close your bathroom door for a few days. Suddenly you realize that a toilet determines your whole day – you think about what you drink, what you eat and you’re constantly thinking what are you going to do when the critical moment comes. I don’t have neighbors I could go to since there are only three families living here and I hardly ever see them. I have a public restroom by the beach that closes out at 6 pm and one at a Starbucks nearby. Last time I visited, their restroom was out of order, of course. Face this situation and realize that what you truly need to live is drinking water and access to a usable toilet. This is all you need to survive! 

Why I am trying to say here? Only that I find it more and more difficult to understand people who have apartments (with working bathrooms!), jobs, friends, money… and complain about everything and say stuff like: “Life is unfair”. We’re truly losing our minds and forget what’s actually important. I know you want more. I do, too – but if you don’t start with appreciating what you already have, you won’t get anything more. Another question is – do you really need more? My nose was running on the same week, so the skin all around it is irritated – so now all I wish for is for it to be “as it used to be”. I complained about my subway on the same week, saying that “it’s far away and I have to wait a long time at night”, and suddenly… there’s construction work going on and I have to change trains and wait for my subway even longer than before. And – yet again! – all I’ve been saying for the past few days is: “I wish it was as it used to be”. Look at what you already have in a more realistic way – maybe “now” of yours is not that bad, after all…? 

So… get up in the morning, look in the mirror in your own bathroom (that you are fortunate to have access to!), smile at yourself and say that everything is just fine. And everything will be even better once you realize that life is a great gift and doesn’t owe you anything. You are the one who owes the world your appreciation for what it already gave you. Appreciate things, because you have no idea when they will disappear. 

Ps. I am writing this post in a coffee shop (I was too afraid to stay at home) with a working toiler. And this is all I need right now. I’m one lucky girl. I think I will celebrate and go pee right now.