Protect your energy

For some reason, people want to talk to me, don’t ask me why, they just do. They approach me on the street, in the coffee shop, on the beach, in the sauna, and I don’t mind it…until I do.

When you are friendly expressing something we both experiencing at the moment, when we laugh about something or exchange some opinions, I like it a lot, I am a dream company for you then.
I can still, slightly, tolerate when you start asking me some personal questions.
What I don’t like is when you expect me to answer all your questions. When I say no to that you get defensive or offended.

You came to my space, you take my time, you want some of my energy, I didn’t ask for it, didn’t look for it, I didn’t start the conversation. You have no right to get angry at me, I do have the right to say no.

You can’t approach a stranger and expect them to satisfy your needs.
It’s a matter of culture and being a decent human.

I’m not here to satisfy your needs. You need to learn how to do it by yourself.