Vintage Clothing Stores, Part I

New Yorkers are happy when they go to Europe (finally they’re able to buy amazing clothes), European can’t wait when they start spending money on clothes in NY. Where the truth lies? Probably in the vintage clothing stores. There are so many of them in NYC that I’ll introduce you to them very slowly. Here are my propositions for today:

Tokyo Joe, 334 E 11th Street, Manhattan

Next to Tokyo Joe there is Buffalo Exchange, 

it has also one more location in Williamsburgu too, 504 Driggs Avenue, at 9th Street

A Turen, 85 Stanton Street, Manhattan

Stella Dallas, 218 Thompson Street, Manhattan

Housing Works, it has more locations in NYC, this one is on 126 Crosby Street, Manhattan. Check out those stores, because not only have they interesting clothes, but also not expensive stuff to decorate your apartment.

A Second Chance Resale, 155 Prince Street, Manhattan