Art Lover

I love art, I always did. I studied culture (it was mostly about film, but we did have art history that I loved). And I’ve noticed that I need to experience art pretty often otherwise I feel that something is missing in my life. I also have realized that when I feel weird, I can’t find a place for myself, and I don’t know what’s my next step, I have to go to a museum or see an exhibition. And it always helps. I just need this constant flow of inspiration, and it happened that art is a source of my biggest inspirations. I usually don’t revisit the past, but I like to come back to the art that shaped history. 

And that’s because I once read something that made me think – If you do want to be great in something, start to learn about the past of the greatest. Don’t follow the trends, see how the biggest names in the history did it. And it doesn’t matter if you want to be a writer, a singer, or another type of a creative creator or even…the greatest businessman. Learn from the best, not necessarily from those in your field. That’s why I reach out for the classic books and classic art now. I want to see how the masters did it.

I just had my friend visiting, and since we both are art lovers, we went to The Museum of Modern Art (especially that I found out that I don’t have to pay for a ticket now – my working badge gives me this privilege). There is this one floor there, my favorite fifth floor that „feels like home.” All the most prominent names and the familiar pieces of art that I grew up watching only in the books are there. MoMa doesn’t beat my favorite museum, Musee De Orsay in Paris, but it’s still worth visiting. Especially that there is Joan Miro exhibition out there now. And I’m a vast Miro fan, I think he is an underestimated artist. His art speaks to me and always has been.

MoMa has six floors, but two of them are renovated now, so your experience will be limited. Still – worth it.