Weekend in SoHo

Because the Global Warming surprised us with a hot weekend (over 60 degrees in February)  everyone went to the streets. And by “everyone” I really mean everyone. So did I. I had different plans, but I just decided to skip the gym (yes, I felt guilty a bit) and get off in SoHo to simply walk around. I did it for at least 3 hours on Saturday and for a bit shorter time on Sunday. I watched people, I was walking, sitting, sipping coffee and matcha tea, eating nuts, walking again and just checking out current fashion: how the style changed over the winter and how many handsome guys are out there.  When you want to see what’s in fashion, you come to Soho. It’s difficult to spot the trends anywhere else. I said it once and I will say it again: NY is not the capital city of fashion. You’ll see interesting outfits, interesting-looking people, some freaks, but most of us look pretty much alike. After those few hours, I’m sure I won’t buy white Adidas sneakers. Half of the people were wearing them. Really? You have such a big choice and you all choose this one? (I like them, but come on…). I bought black ones over a year ago and… they got holes in the soles. I couldn’t believe that I ruined my sneakers! I’m careful with my shoes, so you can only imagine how much walking there is involved when you live in NYC – I walk a lot.  All Asians –Japanese I believe, because they are really into fashion and you can distinguish their style – wear oversize coats and these sneakers too. Shades are chosen carefully and usually have good label on them. I noticed oversize tops too, especially on guys, that cover their asses. And – as usual – a lot of leather jackets. These are beat only by bomber jackets, which are everywhere (on people and at the stores; every brand has their own bomber jacket now). 

I also noticed that they are basically three types of people. First group thinks that they’re on the runway, so they put all their best (or newest) clothes on and are walking back and forth. The second group is the one I mentioned already on Just Like NY – people who just finished their workout, they’re coming back from gyms (looking great by the way) and they either stop by at a coffee shop to buy coffee or matcha latte, or they don’t hesitate to go shopping right away. People don’t dress up here to go shopping, they don’t care. So, girls in leggins are walking around carrying Coach shopping bags on their shoulders. The third group are those who pretend that they don’t care. Beautiful girls don’t wear make up, put their blue jeans on and sneakers (of course), guys wear sports outwear looking like they just tumbled out of bed. Usually those people have a lot of money. 

I enjoy spending time in SoHo; it’s a different world, but I kind of like it. I see myself there in 3 years. But it doesn’t mean I would go and buy shoes for $1,500 or dream of shopping in Chanel, it’s not my goal at all. My goal is to COULD go shopping there. Give me three more years 🙂