Be Proud

Pride Parade day is one of my favorite ones. Why? Because you can feel the love pouring out on the streets everywhere. It’s in every step you take, on every corner, everywhere on the subway. There are rainbows everywhere. We look at rainbows, we are dressed in rainbows, even our hearts turn to rainbows during that day. What is it truly about? It’s not about this particular parade, it’s not about marching half-naked in the middle of Manhattan – it’s not even about two boys making out or two girls making out in the middle of the street. It’s about the appreciation of a human being and her or his right to live. That’s why we can’t stop smiling on that day. We’re happy that we live in a city that allows us to be who we really are. NY found out what the key to being the greatest city in the world is. NY is not an easy place to live, but there’s one thing you cannot possibly say about this jungle – that it will try to convince you to be someone whom you are not. This city loves personalities, individuals and variety itself,  and that’s why – and I truly believe it – it’s one of the most amazing places in the world. It’s not about skyscrapers, all the famous landmarks, money – it’s all about people. NY would be nothing without this Tower of Babel that we can admire on everyday basis. It’s us – immigrants, gays, albinos and assorted freaks who make this place so special. Everyone who doesn’t understand it is narrow-minded and needs to educate themselves. 

Pride day is special for me for another reason, as well. I came here 3 years ago at the end of May and I started the Pride Month (which is June) with my boys. We went to watch the Parade together and I remember I was standing there, waving to marching people with a rainbow necklace on my neck and tears in my eyes. The tears came because that very moment proved me that my decision to leave my country was right. And I made my decision to experience moments like that – moments that say we all are equal, no one bothers anyone because of their sexual orientation and we all just appreciate human life. Because this is what it is about. Let’s face it – why would it matter who you want to be in a relationship with? When you hurt someone, it’s a problem, but it isn’t one not who you choose to love. If someone chooses a boy, or a girl, or is not even sure what its sexual orientation is, why does it bother you so much? What does it change in your life? Which part of “live and let live the way they want to” you don’t understand? Not a long time ago, I would still argue, but now I would just say: “Go educate yourself” and would walk away leaving this person in their small, sad, close-minded world. 

I’ll always fight for being who you truly are. Be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone change it.