Step 1 – Change – How To Make it Happen?

I believe that change can make your life better. I believe that working on yourself can put your life on a different level. I started doing this with myself and can tell the difference. I want to share my experience and start this journey with you. Today is STEP I.

I keep hearing that this person or other wants to change or is willing to change something in their lives. People are pretty determined saying that. Some of them even say it louder, as if that could help them to achieve their goal. We all want to change something, right…? I don’t know anyone who is fully satisfied with their life. The only problem is that we want to change something immediately, in the very second we decide we’re ready for a change. What many people don’t understand is that change is a long, difficult and very unpleasant process. It won’t happen overnight, not even in a week or a month. How can you expect to rapidly change something that has become a big part of your life? Where do you get the idea that it would go so fast? This is one thing. The second is that you really have to desire to change. Merely saying: “I want this to change” means nothing. If the will is not followed by the action, it means that you haven’t truly decided yet. If you say you want to change, and yet you don’t do anything about it within the next week, two or three, then it probably means you’re not ready for a change yet. The change can happen only if your decision is followed by making a plan of how do you want to achieve it. The plan must then be followed – and this is the most important part of that – by being truly consistent. This is the key to success. If you don’t follow up your plan, it means that you don’t really want to change. 

I decided to change something over a year ago – the change concerned my body. No, it’s not perfect yet, but I can admit that I really like it now. In January 2015, I said to myself I have to cut my whining about the body I always wanted to have, the body I see in magazines and finally do something about it. It was difficult to stay consistent and work out (with YouTube and the Polish personal trainer Ewa Chodakowska’s videos) at least 3 times a week. But every time I didn’t feel like lifting my ass from the couch, I asked myself – who am I fooling here? I tried to fool myself. Avoiding working out would destroy the results I wanted and lower my self-esteem. So every time I moved my ass, I was really proud of myself, because that meant I defeated my laziness and suddenly my level of confidence was going up. I now build my confidence not on a skinny body, but on overcoming my weaknesses. When I noticed that my body started changing, I finally understood that it was happening only because I was consistent. I needed a year to do that, a year filled with determination to change something. 

There is no change without these three ingredients: 1. Decision, 2. Action, 3. Consistency. 

If you say “I WANT TO CHANGE SOMETHING”, but you still don’t do anything about that, I just don’t believe you really wanted to change. Remember – at the end of the day, you fool only yourself.