Three years in NYC: How Did It Change Me?

These past three years in New York City have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Everything changed; it might not seem like that outside, but believe me: inside, there is a whole new me. 

My thinking made a full 180-degree turn. I am more humble now and I don’t take anything for granted. I know that everything may change or end in a single day. The high-speed reality taught me to look carefully around me and to follow my gut feeling when it comes to people, everyday life and jobs. I have zero patience for intolerant people and crybabies. The truth that took root deep under my skin is: you know as much about yourself as you have been tried. Everyone can talk the talk, but only a few can walk the walk. I’ve been constantly challenged here. I failed a few times, but that only made me stronger. I also won many times and I consider myself a winner. 

NY will challenge you almost every day, checking how many times you’re able to bounce back. I believe that during those three years I experienced more than some people will in 10 or even 20 years. Every time you think you can’t do it anymore, you’re tried again and you see that actually you can and you will do it. I completely agree that if you can make it in here, you can make it anywhere. I also learned that all these “I can’t” and “I’m not able to” is just bullshit we keep telling ourselves. NY taught me to constantly work on myself. In order to help other people, which is my dream, I need to help myself first. I want to be more aware and conscious of my life. I’m already careful with whom I surround myself with, what products I use (even when it comes to beauty products), which brands I support.  I work on my body, I changed my diet after the workshops I attended, I’m careful what I eat. I’m also careful with where my focus goes to. I don’t waste time on things that are completely irrelevant to me anymore (I even started practice meditation). Don’t say you can’t do something if you didn’t even try. If you tried and you failed, try again, believing and fighting for that this time. You’d be surprised by what you’re capable of. The obstacles you see are only fears in your head. 

Living in here is not “Sex and the city” story. It’s a hard work with many hours commuting (our lifestyle loses to the one in Europe), rats and cockroaches everywhere, tough working hours. Not even mention the fact that you’re an immigrant and you’re far away from your family; it’s too painful and it’s a huge subject to write about (maybe it will be my future book?). 

My single status hasn’t changed, but I must admit it was my choice. You can’t fight for survival and think about finding a man. I now believe that the worst is behind me, I won my struggles and am ready to change my status. I’m finally ready to give something to another person. I believe that the right guy (an athlete, of course J ) will find me soon.

Three years is a lot, but I feel that my NY journey has just began. I’m truly ready, as well as genuinely grateful for everything I experienced – now I can appreciate many things more. Someone may ask: Why do you do all of this…? Because I have a dream and I’m determined to make it happen. I hope you will follow your dreams, too.