Women Want To Have Sex

Spring is here, so it’s high time to write about sex. I simply have to. I think it’s also time to forget the myth that’s been circulating for a while now, concerning sex and women. It just ruins our image. The myth says that we supposedly want sex differently than men, that “we have more feelings involved and we always put too much emotion into it”. I even heard that there is some kind of a substance that our bodies produce right after sex and that makes us feel something more towards our sex partner, but… let’s not exaggerate. Let’s not get carried away here. Yes, there is one emotion that is involved in the whole process: it’s called desire. We desire men the same way they desire us. We check out their arms, butt, we hope for six pack, sometimes we look at their hands and smile (if there is nothing more left). There are women out there(like myself) who react to the guy’s muscles the same way as guys react to women’s boobs, legs or asses. So this fear that we’re “so emotional that you’re afraid that we’d want something more after you take us to bed” shouldn’t bother you. Please, don’t think: just take us to bed. Women need sex as much as men do, and those after 30 need it even more. Guys, let me tell you something: if we hook up with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to marry you. I hate to break it to you, but even three encounters don’t guarantee that either (and for the record – if you get a woman to have sex with you three times, you should celebrate). We enjoy sex as much as you do and we want it as much as you do (have you watched the 4th episode of this current season of “The Vikings”, with the French Queen discovering her sexuality with Rollo? This is what I’m talking about). We have to get it out of our systems, too. A longer abstinence doesn’t work for us either, we simply get mean. 

The funny thing is that, in my experience, it’s women who should be afraid of the whole texting situation afterward. A few times I was the one who had to say: “Dude, that’s it”. And surprisingly, it was precisely then that the roles suddenly got reversed and the guys acted needily. I noticed that guys have no problems with treating women as sexual objects, but have a huge problem when they are treated this way. Very convenient, right?

Are you sure that that substance I was talking about at the beginning is only a female issue…? Or maybe we should cut the bullshit and focus on substances we all know are there and are waiting each spring to be, well, released…?

Ps. The picture above was taken by a stranger. I was staring at this body and he just simply asked me if I wanted to have a picture with this image. And I just said: “You know what? I actually do.” We talked and I found out that, of course, his wife was Polish too.