Self-Confidence as Foundation for a Good Life

Among the many subjects we had to learn at school, I still don’t understand why the crucial one was missing: Self-Confidence as Foundation for a Good Life (that’s the exact name for it I would suggest). A subject like that could change so much: develop many a career and make lives of millions easier. I am not exaggerating.

People don’t realize how much of a change in one’s life is introduced with a healthy dose of self-confidence. Here in New York, I observe those who reached success. Are they the most competent in their fields? No. Are they the ones who look best? No. Are they those who graduated from best schools? No. The success is reached by those self-confident enough to press ahead. Of course, success requires a lot of work, but the very first step is self-confidence and the belief that nothing’s impossible.

New York City has taught me self-confidence; has taught me that I am good enough, attractive enough, intelligent enough to get what I want. Of course, there are people who are “more so” than me, but that doesn’t mean that what I’ve got is “not good enough”. This works like domino effect: higher self-confidence influences your behavior and alters the signal you send to other people; the signal alters the way they perceive you and start to believe you are indeed trustworthy.

I won’t even mention how important self-confidence is in relationships. So many relationships could be saved (or not started at all), had only the partners showed enough to start off by saying what they really want and expect. We would have avoided relationships with the wrong people, we would stop choosing “for fear there’s no one else out there” (I assure you, there is). Had everyone knew their value, partners wouldn’t project their issues onto each other and there would be no need for validation-seeking in much younger “lovers on the side”

I remember a couple I met a few years ago. Both were attractive, but he was a typical flirt. Even though he would flirt right in front of her, it didn’t bother her at all. Even more: she kept radiating positive energy and stayed open, which drew a lot of guys to her and he was aware of that. He knew that she is not afraid to lose him since there would be many to replace him if he had. And at the end of the day, it was him who ran to her and fought for her affection. Even though I’m not their friend anymore, I know that they are married. It was only after many years that I understood she won him over with her self-confidence – she exactly knew her value. She had won the knowledge I just acquired, only she did so many years earlier. No matter – I got it just in time. I wish for you the same thing. Make yourself a Christmas gift and simply believe in yourselves. There’s nothing between you and you except fear: once you remove it, you can become your own best friend and show the world you simply rock. Because you do.

I have my favorite quotation in here: No one is you and this is your power.