Where To Meet a Guy?

Every time I hear the question: “Where do I meet a guy?”, I smile. I wrote about that already. What do you mean: where? Girl, go to a bar! Not to a club where everyone is dancing like crazy and you can never be sure just how much coke has anyone snorted (for some reason, coke seems to be all the rage). Go to a bar. And don’t take your girlfriends with you, so that they don’t surround you like a wall. How do you plan to meet a guy when there are several of you, talking and chirping away, tossing your hair this way and that? Just go by yourself, sit at the bar and smile (that part is important!), get your favorite drink, relax. Chances of somebody coming up are huge.

It’s a quite different matter that you should be wary of that little band of gold on their fingers – they often forget it’s there. As I already mentioned at Just like NY, married guy in NYC often pretend not to be and just do their business. Recently, I saw a guy quickly removing his wedding ring at a bar before he started talking to a couple of girls: luckily, they quickly called him out on his bullshit and asked what the fuck he was doing.

Did you get yourself to a hotel bar? (Don’t go to hostels: that’s only a recipe for you to buy beers for a guy.) At a good hotel, you won’t meet young punks who happen to have a few nickels in their pockets, but a different sort of men (ones on business trips, but also their business partners: out of towners, but often too tired to walk the city in search for a bar).

I did this very experiment a few times already. The last time I did it was in summer. It was a beautiful, hot night and I decided to go to one of the rooftops. By myself. It so happened the rooftop was a part of a hotel (that’s often the case here). I didn’t even reach the bar, and already two guys were buying me a drink. 

It doesn’t really matter how the night will end; if someone will come up or won’t; if you will leave alone or in some company… The only thing that matters is that you have spent a nice evening in a good company anyway. Even if your company was only the fabulous you – that also counts!