The High Line – The Park Over New Yorkers’ Heads

Americans were clearly jealous of the French and the Promenade Plantée in Paris, and so they created a similar park over New Yorkers’ heads. The High Line is a suspended promenade, one mile long, built on a former train track of the West Side Line in Manhattan. It was built in 2009 and is located above the streets of Manhattan (currently it stretches from below 14th to 30th Street, along the 10th Avenue). The views include Manhattan on one side and Hudson River on the other. You can easily walk twenty blocks along the promenade, without the necessity of midning the streetlights, or struggling with the traffic below. It’s incredible how much the park is changing each month. Thousands of people visit it every day (it’s difficult to pass through it during the weekends, it’s so crowded). New Yorkers love it: they come here not only for a walk, but to rest in a reclining chair on sunny days. In the summer, I even saw women sunbathing in swimsuits (I have to admit I envied them their courage).

The High Line is fast becoming one of the most important spots on the artistic map of NY, as well. It happens more and more often that sculptures by young artists (including Polish ones) are being exhibited here, and the big billboard next to it is filled with artistic statements. You will also see musicians here, as well as various cultural events. The place is so unique, every time I visit it I witness a photo shoot or a music video being made.

Since recently, you can also have lunch at a restaurant located here, or just take a sit at one of the numerous benches and do some people-watching. High Line is always busting with life and has revitalized this part of Manhattan. 10th Avenue, so far quite drab, is clearly blooming nowadays. 

More details on the events taking place on the High Line: