Step 42 – How do we not go crazy?

It’s very easy to go crazy in NY. It’s way too easy. That’s why at some point, you have to slow down and ask yourself how your mind is doing. There are a few different ways I maintain my mental health, and I wanted to share them with you.1. Number one is definitely working out. That’s why it’s my priority. Not having too much fat on my body is one reason, but working out is so much more than that. It helps me to keep my mind focused, helps me to relax, gets rid of stress, changes the chemistry of my brain and makes me happy. Being in shape is just a side effect.
2. Going for long walks. I do this very often. They say that long walks in nature help you stay healthy. I not only go for long walks on my beach (it’s saved me many times already), but I also go for long walks in Manhattan. I know it’s a concrete jungle, but I always explore so I keep my mind open and curious. And that’s probably why it always relaxes me and makes me feel like I just visited a new city. 
3. Shifting my focus. I strongly believe that you get what you focus on. So what I always try to do is keep my mind positive. I’m not an idiot and I’m not that naïve – I don’t think that everything is amazing. I keep things real in my life, but I also choose to focus on the bright side. There is no need to think that something might go wrong (because it eventually will, if you think like that). Whenever a negative thought comes into my head, I brush it off and put my mind in a different, better place. It always works. And when it’s difficult for me to shift my focus, I reach out for my motivation help that I’ve written about before here in Just Like NY.
4. I give myself small pleasures. I go to coffee shops, bakeries, new spots with something good to eat or drink (but I’m not talking about alcohol – I’m thinking more of matcha latte). I will sit and relax and enjoy all these goodies. It just makes me happy and helps me to slow down. I also go to the movies or attend other cultural events. I make my life enjoyable. I moved to NY to have moments like that. I try not to be trapped in the same routine all the time.
5. I calm my mind down. I usually do it with moments of silence, meditation or just listening to music. I light the candles, turn the devices off and let my brain fly. I usually do it an hour before I go to sleep. (I just started to be consistent with that – I used to only do it once in a blue moon.) Meditation can be a lot of things. It’s not only about sitting down in a lotus position. I lay or sit on my bed, set a timer for 10 minutes and close my eyes. It really feels good. I want to start my day like that too, but as of now, I’m afraid I would fall asleep again. But I will work on it, like I work on everything else in my life.