New York Women

If you happen to be a man who loves beautiful women – you have to come to New York City. Some say Polish women are beautiful (and of course they are!) but New York women are even more gorgeous. Why is that? Because women from all over the world come here. You will meet many „mixtures” here – women whose parents come from different parts of the world: meetings like theirs always produce beautiful babies. Even if a woman is not a result of an international cooparation, so to speak, she’s exotic in some other way – all it takes for her is to represent an entirely different culture than your own. You will meet beautiful African-American, Asian, Indian and Polish women here. No doubt every GUY will find his type here and meet a woman who will make him weak in the knees (as well as cause other reactions). 

Women not only look differently here but also represent different approaches to style. You will see here lanky beauties of indeterminate roots, women covered in tattoos, buttoned-up Amish girls, sari-clad Indian chicks, dark-skinned ladies in heavy make-up, and tiny cuties from Malesia. At first, I envied all of them of how exotic they were until I discovered that in the diverse environment of NYC I am exotic myself! What I forgot to take into account at first is that many New Yorkers come from countries where you will never find a blonde with blue eyes (that’s me!). If you happen to be one, it will often happen people will look into your eyes as if hypnotized by them, and men will stop you in the street and invite you for a drink. You will hear many compliments, as well as sentences like „You are beautiful!”. There are men here for whom you will be the eighth wonder of the world (hallelujah!). Dear ladies, even though the competition here is fierce and the beauty of some women takes one’s breath away (don’t forget that – unfortunately – many models come here to make it big), there will be many men here that will shout things like: „The guy who ends up with you will be a lucky bastard!”. For moments like that, it’s worth to be here. Nothing boosts your self-confidence like the daily (yes!), hypnotized looks of men gazing at you. Satisfaction guaranteed!