American Food

Recently I wrote about how Americans and we differ, which is also visible in the food we are accustomed to. There are a few items that are especially notable – normal for Americans, completely new for me. All of them are easy to find in any diner (menus at diners are usually identical, no matter which state you go to).

First of all, there are pancakes, which I absolutely adore and which resemble Polish naleśniki, only in a thicker version. They are always served with maple syrup and butter. I know they are already available in Poland. In NY, you will find them easily, especially at IHOP, which is a typical place for breakfast (the name speaks for itself: International House of Pancakes). I like the season pancakes with bananas and berries at The Coffee Shop at Union Square or walnuts ones at Kellogs diner in Williamsburg.

Chicken and Waffles. I have to admit I was very surprised by that combination at first. I never heard of it prior to coming here and some time needed to pass before I tried them. It’s certainly peculiar, but worth trying and very popular here.

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Biscuits. Tiny rolls with a little bit thicker dough. You can eat them cold or hot, sweet or salty, with meat or gravy, or with eggs for breakfast. They go well with pretty much everything.

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Mac and Cheese, which stands for macaroni and cheese, not the way a Polish person thinks, though. This is not pasta with cottage cheese, but pasta with melted yellow cheese. Kids love it and it’s the top favorite ordered for kids at restaurants. Adults love it, too, and the version for them is sometimes enriched with broccoli and bacon. It’s eaten at every time of day, but it’s way too heavy for me.

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Grilled cheese: cheese sandwich of toast and melted cheddar. Usually served hot, sometimes with fries or salad on the side.

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What I love about the States are diners, which are often open 24/7, which means I can eat my favorite pancakes even at 3 am I feel like it.