Where to Get Tickets

NY attractions can well make you dizzy. You come here in hope of seeing so much. You may ask, where do you buy tickets for all those amazing events and objects…? This post will give you some basic information. 

Empire State Building – You don’t need to buy tickets earlier, you can get them on the spot.

Museums – The above applies to them, as well; remember that most of the museums don’t have days that would be free of charge (and all of them will make you stand in long lines).

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – The entrance is free on Fridays after 4:00 PM.

Metropolitan Museum – The official entrance is $25, but in fact, you pay as much as you wish; same with Guggenheim Museum on Saturdays between 5:45 and 7:45 PM.

Concerts – Right after I came to NY, I was trying to get tickets at box offices of the venues the concerts were held in. However, most venues are open only during the events themselves and you will only rarely see them open during the day, so that’s not the way to go. Buy your tickets on-line; I usually get them at www.ticketmaster.com

I get my NBA game tickets at  www.barclayscenter.com (since I recently came back to rooting for Brooklyn Nets), but I also check in on the competition, New York Knicks, who play at Madison Square Garden www.thegarden.com. Don’t forget that there is more than sports to Madison Sq. Garden: a whole variety of events is held there, including concerts and rodeo (in February). It’s good to check their website regularly. 

As I suggested before, Broadway tickets should be bought in the special booth, located beneath the giant red stairs at Times Square. Another option is to buy them at the box office a few hours before the show. Online tickets are quite expensive and you should only get them when you are really determined to see a specific show on a specific date.

Freedom Tower or the former WTC – You can get tickets at http://www.911memorial.org/ (entrance is free on Tuesdays after 5:00 PM). You can learn more about City Pass here: http://www.citypass.com/new-york-new . Currently it’s $144 + tax. You should always be mindful of the “tax” part of the price in NYC since it is added to the price listed – something you may not be familiar with in your native country. 

In case you have more questions feel free to e-mail me justlikeny@gmail.com