Motivation has to be in you

I’ve been “a motivator” my whole life.

I know what a person needs to thrive, and I know what they are capable of – that is the gift I got. And that is why I decided to help people.

And since I’ve been working with people professionally, I learned one thing – I’m not here to motivate you.

If you come to me to be motivated, it just means you are not ready.
I can inspire you to do your thing, but motivation has to be in you. If it is not, there are still blockages and resistance. I can help you figure out what blocks you, and teach you to break your patterns, but I can not make you ready.
It’s a decision you have to make.

If you are ready – I’m here to work with you. And I guarantee results, but the work and motivation (your “why”) has to be in you.