Who have you become after the past two years?

I’m noticing two major notions happening in people around me after the past two years:

  • Those who faced challenging beliefs, and – as a result – transformed, healed, and begin to emerge now
  • Those who are experiencing a drastic shift just now and are forced to face these difficult emotions

The whole pandemic experience brought me the clarity I needed (but I fought my battle for it.) I know what I want (for this moment) and what I deserve, and am not shy or afraid to get it.

At the same time, I’m aware it’s just the beginning. I know that there is more to me, and I wonder what are the other parts of me I haven’t revealed yet. I’m not afraid to reveal them, I just haven’t met them yet.
That’s a task for this year – to play with my identity, to experiment and express myself on every level that will be presented to me.

Who have you become after the past two years?

And who are you afraid to reveal to the world? Do you know already?