Love what you do

This thought, and many others I share below, I found in @sethgodin book “The Practice.”
As I said recently: If we don’t fall in love with what we do, it will be torture for us.

I recommend this book not only to all the creatives but to everyone “who is waiting for this perfect moment to begin.”

Here is some wisdom from Seth:

“The only way to be on this journey is to begin. But there isn’t a guarantee. In fact, most of what we seek to do will not work. But our intent – the intent of being of service, of making things better, of building something that matters – is an essential part of the pattern.

The first step is to separate the process from the outcome.

The only choice we have is to begin. And the only place to begin is where we are.

Your work is never going to be good enough (for everyone). But it’s already good enough (for someone).”

Seth Godin