Looking for “the second half” is the biggest nonsense of them all.

If you don’t, you will end up not only hurting yourself, or the other person, but greatly disappointed that love, once again, was not meant for you.

With Valentine’s upon us, this nonsense starts emerging again.

No matter what they are trying to sell you, no one – not a partner, not a baby, not a dream job, not money – can make you feel whole.
It’s your job (if you like it or not.) And it has to happen inside of you, not OUTSIDE of you.

We attract what we are – we ALWAYS attract our mirrors. If you are lonely, or you are hurting, you will attract a person who is in the same vulnerable space. Loneliness and hurt are never good reasons to get yourself into a relationship.

Make yourself your priority, make yourself whole first, and then decide if there is room for someone else.

Check out my series “Heal through self-love” so you can start guiding yourself to a loving place…where you can meet yourself.