Your future might be your today. Are you ok with that?

The longer I live in NYC; the more NYC subway makes me tired. I discovered it this year that being on the subway just doesn’t work for me anymore (and my train ride is only a few stops.) But there is one thing that subway reminds me of – how time flies. Because I don’t spend there much time anymore, I always look around and check subway ads. And what hits me recently is that I see an advertisement for a show that is coming in a few weeks and after some time (short time, I think) I see the same ad, I look at the date, and I realize that…it happened a few weeks ago. And that’s always a wake-up call for me. For some reason, I always think that this show is still ahead of me. I don’t even realize that it’s been a month after already. And I always have the same question ringing in my head: Where this time went? It’s not that I wasted it, I’m sure I achieved a few things along the way, but honestly, where did it go?

I’m writing about it to help you realize – again – that time will not stop for you. No matter how hard you try to stretch it – it will not change for you. It won’t wait for you; it won’t let you catch up, it has its speed and won’t make any exceptions for anyone. 

We’re coming back to what I’ve been writing about recently – do you know where your time goes? I suggest starting writing it down – write down what you do daily. Maybe your life came down to just working at the job, doing chores and watching TV? You might say Yes and be angry at me that I judge you. I don’t judge you; I just ask you to be honest with yourself. Is it enough for you? Mabe it’s not, and you convinced yourself that it is? Did you stop wanting more? What happened with your dreams, desires, with the life you used to imagine for yourself? Are you pleased with how your life turned out? Again, it’s not about judgment; I want to be this wake-up call for you. Sometimes you need to hear these questions to start asking yourself if where you ended up, is where you feel fulfilled. Does your life make you happy? 

I noticed that more and more people live in the future. We completely forget that the future is just a concept; it’s a fantasy. You know it might not happen, do you? You make plans and put your life on hold, hoping that the life that is coming to you makes you happy. But what if it doesn’t? Have you thought about it? What if this is it? It might be it; there might not be any changes in your life. We all (or at least most of us) have goals – I’m the first one to set up a goal for myself – and a vision for „our future,” and that’s great, but will you be ok, if your future is your today? Nothing might change, are you ok with that? If you’re ok with that – I’m very happy for you, but if that thought gave you almost a heart attack – it’s time for some honesty and some changes. It’s never too late to change something, but there has to be this willingness to do it. There is no willingness without awareness. You circle doing the same things over and over again, and you stopped paying attention. 

Do me a favor and spend some time next week thinking about it. I’m not asking you to give up your life; all I ask you to do is to sit down with these thoughts. If asking about it scares you, that’s the perfect sign that those questions have to be asked. 

I wrote about the five biggest regrets of our lives already, and I don’t want you to end up with the first one – not living the life you wanted. Life is a bit less complicated than we think; we just make it complicated by forgetting that it’s happening right now, today, in front of our eyes. Grab the best out of today, because it’s the most real. Even tomorrow is not real. Again – your future might be your today. Are you ok with that?