„Only two days until Friday!” Hold me tight, because I’m about to lose it.

There is nothing that annoys me more these days than a weak mindset. I used to be more understanding and was eager to educate people, but my patience just expired (as you can see in the photo.) 

Yes, I’m a coach, and I do work with people, but with people who come to me, and genuinely want to change their mindset. I don’t hunt people begging them to change, because I know that if someone is not ready, I can’t make them ready. And there are many not ready people out there. And I’ve chosen not to be around them anymore. 

And one of the examples that someone is not ready for change is when they spit up this sentence that DRIVES ME CRAZY (DRIVES ME CRAZY!): „It’s only two days until Friday!” I swear, if I hear it one more time, I will lose it! Well, I actually did already. 

I happen to work in a corporate environment every morning for three hours from Monday to Friday. And I hear this sentence EVERY DAY (the number of days „until Friday” changes, of course,) and I just lost it a few days ago. It was Thursday, and a young guy in his twenties looked at me and said: „Daga, it’s only one day until Friday!” And I asked him: „And then what? What would you actually be doing?” He looked at me, surprised with my reaction, and said: „Eee nothing.” And I responded: „Exactly! Nothing! You can’t wait to do nothing.” He looked puzzled and said: „Well, yeah; I have to do my laundry.” And I was on it: „Yes, you can’t wait for the weekend to do your laundry. That’s it; this is what you are so excited about.” He was embarrassed, but I felt good after expressing my opinion. And I would be showing it from now. 

There are so many things wrong with this „Friday is coming” attitude. 

The first one is that you’re just simply ungrateful for what you have. You do have a job, so appreciate it. And if you don’t like it, or hate it, change it. If you can’t quit it right away, figure out what you want to do, make a plan, and give yourself a deadline for the execution. 

The second wrong thing is that you waste your life. You spend five days thinking of two days that are coming. In reality, it’s actually only one evening (on Friday) and one day – Saturday when you’re happy. Sunday is out of the picture, because the „Monday is coming” anxiety kicks in, and you get miserable. It’s such a dull life, and I feel sorry for you. I don’t want to hug you and say that „everything is gonna be ok;” I want to slap you in the face and say: Wake up! You can die today while „you’re waiting for this weekend.”

The third wrong thing with this attitude is that it shows your weak mindset. Your mindset is weak. Do you see it? You probably can’t even see it. If you don’t change it, you will go through your life living someone’s else life. And that’s the most depressing scenario that you can write for yourself. And I can’t look at it. It’s time to evaluate your life, and that’s what I strongly suggest you do before the hole you’ve been digging for yourself becomes too deep to get out of. 

There is nothing wrong with waiting for Friday and the weekend if you have some amazing plans that you are looking forward to (or if you just had a stressful week at work.) But if your only reason is to not to come to the job that you go to at least FIVE DAYS A WEEK, you have a serious problem. I refuse to be part of that problem anymore. I can’t be; I won’t be.