Take care of your consciousness before you dig into mine.

I recently wrote about why saying „you should” to someone doesn’t make any sense. To sum it up – stay away from someone’s else business. The more you are in someone’s else life, the less you see what doesn’t work in yours. 

I’ve been looking deep inside me for over four years now and…I still have some work to do. Improving takes a lot of time, and when you add a daily life and all other stuff to that, there is no time left. And I believe that time is the most valuable thing we have, and I have no desire to spend it on analyzing others.

I almost stopped judging other people’s lives (I’m a human being and can’t escape judgment completely,) and I noticed how big of a difference it made in my life. I became way more focused and present.

I’m writing about it because I recently started noticing that people are taking over others’ consciousness. And it goes for so many things – being vegan/ vegetarian/ keto; going to church or not; choosing a particular way of living; taking care of the environment, etc. 

It takes only eating one burger for people to think that you’re an insensitive monster. Saying out loud that you don’t believe in god gets you weird looks; not fighting for the environment gives you guilt. I’m not saying that you should eat meat, skip church or don’t give a f* about Mother Earth; I’m just saying – let people choose what they want to fight for. 

We don’t have to go after the same causes. If you feel strongly about something – talk about it, make videos about it, put it all over your social media, and educate people. Whoever is into it, will follow you and join your mission. There are many ways of improving our lives and let us focus on the one we care the most about.

My mission is taking the blinders off and questioning things; I’m passionate about changing our mindset. I do believe that we could have a better life if we put some work into ourselves. Self-awareness is the key to understanding yourself and fulfilling your dreams. That’s what gives me drive, and I can spend 24h reading about it, talking about it and working on it. And I do share what I learn with you, and I get people who are into it. And some are not interested at all, and that’s ok. They are into something else, and maybe I’ll join them at some point (and maybe not.) I’m a bit sick of people telling me what I „should” believe in and what my consciousness „should” be about. 

The thing is that no one has to be passionate about what you’re passionate about, and don’t get offended by that. I do care about Mother Nature and am trying not to destroy it even more than we did, but I probably won’t be hanging on trees to protect them. It’s not my thing. And if you still think that „I should,” I just say – I don’t think so. And it’s not about „not caring about anything,” „being selfish,” or about „a comfort of just living.” It is about having the freedom to have your own choices. Inspire people, do your thing, but don’t force your opinions on others. They might love what you do, and still, don’t follow you. And that’s ok. No matter how hard you try and how passionate you are about your cause, if people are not ready for action, you can’t make them ready. 

If you genuinely believe in your cause and are willing to fight for it, there will be people who would want to be involved. But first, you have to be ok with the idea that you might stand there by yourself. And even if it’s only you standing there, it’s still worth it. One person is always more than no one. And sometimes all it takes is this one person who dares to follow their dream to change the lives of millions of people.