Why I love Queer Eye

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

The Netflix show „Queer Eye” stole my heart (any many millions of people around the world) from its first episode. And it’s not because it’s about five gay guys, but it’s because about coming back to yourself. 

Each episode is about a different person who is struggling with something in their life. Five gay guys (Fab Five) come for a week to save them and put a new perspective on their life; each guy is responsible for a different area of their life (fashion, home, hairstyle, emotions, cooking.) 

I get very emotional watching each episode (I cry at least twice) because it’s very close to my heart. It’s amazing to me watching the transformation of those people. When Fab Five comes to them for the first time, they’re usually very reserved and scared. Even their body is closed, their posture says: I don’t think so. Women are generally more open to gays, straight men – naturally – are more hesitant. I said „naturally” not because I think they should be, but because for some reason they are (this is what society taught them; most of them probably think that gay guys will be hitting on them  Don’t flatter yourself.) On the last day of that week, that person is unrecognizable; the face, body, style, and,  what’s most important – their confidence is on another level.

That show proves that many of us have built this wall around ourselves. It’s the wall made of our false beliefs about ourselves, of what our parents told us and their expectations of us, of what society put on us. As a result, we created this alternative reality in our heads that have nothing to do with the truth. But we believed that it is the truth, and we act accordingly. We ruin our relationships with a partner, parents, friends, co-workers, kids just because our self-esteem is low, just because we think we failed. 

This idea of „failing” comes back in the show all the time. We put so much pressure on ourselves; we raise the bar so high that we are not able to reach it. And the truth (the real one) is that you don’t have to do it. You’re ok the way you are now. Yes, there are a few things that you should work on, like everyone, but generally speaking – it’s not bad. I will always be for learning and improving, but I also know that we are good enough already, the way we are.

And that’s precisely why I started my second project Have The Courage To Be You and created my 8-week program with one goal in mind – I want you to start seeing the real you. Not the one you created in your head, not the one you believed in, but the one it’s hidden deep down there inside you. 

To take this wall down, you have to become self-aware, you have to understand what you’re about, what do you want, whom you’ve become; and then you have to start taking care of yourself – spend time with yourself, don’t distract yourself with everything around you, go deeper. This is when healing comes, and acceptance enters your life. I believe that everyone can get to that point – when you fully accept yourself and start just enjoying life on your terms. It will require a lot of work and your willingness to start looking outside of the box. You have to get out of your head. It’s worth it; when this peace finally comes to your life, it’s the feeling you can’t compare with anything else. When it came to me, it’s when I felt free for the first time, that’s when I thought that I belong to myself now. And that changes everything in your life. 

Why they picked five gays instead of straight people? Because gay guys, in my opinion, combine feminine and masculine qualities; they can understand women’s, men’s and transgender’s world. And other worlds in between. It’s not that every gay can do it, but the ones who are in this show can, that’s why „Queer eye” became such a phenomenon around the world. 

I strongly recommend, even (or maybe especially) if you’re a straight man. As I said – think outside of the box and find a new perspective for once.