Exploring Bushwick, part 1

I’m not a huge fan of Easter; that’s why my celebration is usually walking somewhere. I promised myself exploring Bushwick (an artsy neighborhood in Brooklyn) some time ago and today was the day. 

I’ve been to Bushwick a few times already, but I never explored it, and every time I ended up over there and saw how raw and colorful that neighborhood was, I was telling myself that I have to come back. 

I walked from Greenpoint to Bushwick which takes at least an hour, and I stopped quite often because there was a lot of street art along the way. 

There is a lot of street art in Brooklyn; that’s why I like living here. You won’t see it in Manhattan, and that is something that distinguishes these two neighborhoods (and a few other things). 

I explored it a bit and took some photos, but I want to come back very soon (probably even next week). There is too much to see. Most of them are part of The Bushwick Collective (I have to read more about it). Check it out. Some of them are very impressive.