Color Factory – Wake Up Your Inner Child

The problem with NY is that we have too much of everything. There are so many events every day that sometimes – or most of the time – you just choose…to stay at home. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do two Sundays ago, but because one girl recommended this exhibition to me (mentioning that it’s finishing soon and tickets are selling really quickly) I decided to take my friend and go. And we had a blast. 

Color Factory is an exhibition which I believe is the future of art exhibitions in general. It’s colorful, Instagram friendly, interactive, has sweet treats along the way and is a lot of fun. I didn’t check it out in advance, I just thought it’s an exhibition about, well, colors. But I was mesmerized because it’s much more than that. It has many different (colorful, of course) rooms with different activities (flying balloons, spinning wheels, swimming pool with balls) and cameras placed in different spots. The cameras are there to take photos, so you don’t even have to carry your phone. You get a special card at the beginning that you program with your e-mail address, scan, then stand on a specific spot and smile. And a photo will be e-mailed to you while you’re still at the Color Factory. It’s pretty amazing. The rooms look great, and the lighting is good as well, so photos come out looking really professional. 

Why do I believe it’s the future of art exhibition? Because I noticed how much fun we – and all the other people – had. I always knew that playing with balls was fun (well…), but I forgot how easy it is to wake up your inner child. You’re suddenly jumping, laughing, diving into a pool filled with plastic balls, eating ice cream afterward and getting a free gift – what more could a kid want? And because we’re so trapped on our phones, often forgetting that the real world is more fascinating, having a blast like that is such a refreshing experience. Everyone who left Color Factory had a big smile on their face. I would probably do it again, with more friends this time. And I can’t wait for more exhibitions like that. This one I was told runs for a bit – it will be in NY for a year, so it probably has 10 more months to go. Don’t miss it. And wake up your inner child. I know it’s hidden, but it really wants to get out. So let it out. 

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Color Factory, 251 Spring Street, tickets $43, you need at least an hour.