The Most Annoying American Family

I must say, I’m so fed up with these fake images and fake lives that are all over social media now. And there is one family that makes me especially angry. You’ve probably heard of the Kardashians, one of the most famous families in America (and that fact is really scary). I’ve written about them on Just Like NY already. I swear, I’ve never watched even a single episode of “their life” and am not planning to (I watched 10 minutes once and couldn’t believe my eyes). But a few months ago, I began to think that maybe I’d been judging them too harshly – I didn’t know much about them and they’ve made huge fortunes from their businesses, so I thought that perhaps I was underestimating them. I thought that maybe they are great entrepreneurs and I could learn from them. But I took a closer look and…no, they’re just wrong and shouldn’t be an example to anyone. 

I don’t deny that they know what they’re doing – they just simply know how to make money. That’s a good trait to have, but…that’s all. It’s all fake. From the top of their fake hair to their toes. Everything about them is fake – their lips, cheek bones, boobs, waist, butts. Fake, fake, fake. Their whole philosophy is fake. They’ve made money – so what? Does it make them something special? Not at all. I wouldn’t buy a single product they’re selling. Because it’s all artificial. It’s as fake as their eye lashes and every part of their body. 

Why do they bother me so much? Because they have a huge influence on young girls. That’s why they’re invited everywhere, that’s why one of them has suddenly become a supermodel and her face is in every big brand campaign. Did they hire her because she’s special? No. Is she an amazing model? No, she is not (she looks exactly the same in every photo). They hired her because she will sell the product. She will sell it because she’s from a family that has made some people think that there is something special about them. And I just don’t buy it. You can’t be special if you don’t like yourself. And they don’t like themselves. If they did, they wouldn’t regularly land on plastic surgeons’ tables. You can’t like yourself and want to constantly change the way you look. It’s just impossible. That’s why they simply piss me off. They’re selling this fake ideology to young girls, and the girls buy into it and they want to be like them. I’m angry because they have this huge platform and could have a huge, positive impact on girls and they just use it to sell artificial beauty. I can’t look at them, I can’t listen to them, I wish someone would cut this shit off. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind when celebrities make money, when they have plastic surgery, but you can’t treat your body like an experiment and then sell it as “natural beauty.” It’s just morally wrong. That’s why they annoy me so much. I don’t expect them to suddenly turn into philanthropists, but I just wish they would get a bit more clever, switch their focus and start contributing more. Life is not about not having wrinkles and making money. Yet that’s what they’re selling and it’s just wrong. I just really wish that they weren’t an example to anyone, and that people would say they wanted to be anyone but the Kardashians. 

Whew…I feel better having vented like that. If you think I’m overreacting, just check out their photos – what they used to look like and what they look like now. And millions of girls want to be like them…unbelievable.