Brooklyn vs. Manhattan

It’s funny how Manhattan and Brooklyn are different, even though they are only a river away. They are actually just one subway stop away (which is a few minutes’ distance). A lot of people living in Brooklyn work in Manhattan (including myself) and there are some people living in Manhattan who work in Brooklyn (it doesn’t happen that often, though – you live in Manhattan precisely in order not to go to Brooklyn). 

On Sunday, we went with my friends to a party called Mister Sunday, which takes place in Brooklyn (10 stops away from Manhattan). It starts at 3 pm finishes at 9 pm and it’s outdoors (it feels like a garden party; you can find more details on It was a lot of fun; I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it before. When I was getting ready, I started thinking what to wear and it suddenly hit me – I can wear whatever I want to! And that’s the best definition of the difference between Brooklyn and Manhattan. I was so happy to just to put my jeans on, a crop top and a small bag with my headphones attached to it. All I needed to finish up was some red lipstick and my sunglasses. Yes, I could wear the same outfit going out in Manhattan, but I would feel underdressed and too casual, for sure. When you go out to Manhattan, you just have to put in more effort. Well, you don’t have to, but you should if you don’t want to feel like a loser. Places are a bit fancier, people usually look better and they pay more attention to their (and to yours) looks – they are also showing off more. In Brooklyn, you just don’t put too much pressure on yourself, because people don’t judge you. No one cares what you’re wearing, you just need to have some fun. 

Some guys came in with dogs, some came in with children. I could easily come after the beach with some sand still in my hair and I would be fine. You’re coming to Brooklyn to relax and enjoy yourself, whereas in Manhattan you get this “big city” vibe (even though, as I said – it’s still the same city). I can be laid back in Brooklyn, but as soon as I get off in Manhattan, my posture changes, my back straightens up and my senses go up. I somehow feel I need to put myself more “out there”, I can’t just nestle within me as I can do in other neighborhoods. Btw, we call Manhattan “the city” and this was what “Sex and the city” title was referring to.

I live in Brooklyn now, but not in the part of Brooklyn that has a cool vibe to it. I live in a Russian neighborhood that doesn’t have much of the coolness – and it’s pretty white and Eastern European-looking. And you don’t have to put in any effort when going out. In fact, you need none: you can walk around in your pajamas (I’m not kidding). Even though I love my beach (it was the reason why I started living there in the first place) and this familiar Brighton feeling, I’m ready to live in Manhattan now. I know I would miss Brooklyn’s chilled-out vibe, but I’m the for more. And if I really miss the Brooklyn coolness, I can Onjump on a train and cross the bridge. Because sometimes all it takes to change something is just a few minutes’ ride in a chosen direction.