Walk With Me, Part 2: Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge Park

This is definitely one of my favorite walks in NY and it always makes me fall in love with NY again. Take the F train and get off at York St. station in Brooklyn. You’re in Dumbo now (I wrote about Dumbo already), go down Jay Street to the river and stop by Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee shop and grab something to drink or eat. Then go further towards the river and walk under the Manhattan bridge. Go along the river and you’ll find yourself in a great spot between two bridges – Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. You can sit and relax there (people often have their lunch break over there), or move along the river towards Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll pass the famous Jane’s Carousel and will finally get to Brooklyn Heights – a great picture spot with a Manhattan skyline view. There is also a famous Grimaldi pizza a few steps away and great ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory(one scoop is plenty, so don’t get carried away, but still I added caramel). There is also the beloved tourist’s spot, Shake Shack (a burger place). You can still walk along the river or turn to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can lay down or walk on a relatively new pass and take a picture from above. Brooklyn Bridge Park offers a lot during summertime (e.g. free kayaking every Saturday morning or free movies on Thursday night, check it out brooklynbridgepark.com). This walk is amazing because you get everything – river, bridges, ice cream, and Manhattan skyline. You don’t need anything more. 

P.S. If you don’t feel like eating pizza or a burger, there is my favorite salad place Sweetgreen in Dumbo or just bring your own food with you.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Company