The Worst Type of Guy You Should Always Avoid

I recently watched one of Matthew’s Hussey’s videos ( I wrote about him on Just Like NY already), and he said a very interesting thing: the most dangerous man for a woman is not a guy who comes into her life, makes empty promises and suddenly vanishes. The most dangerous man is the one who comes in, vanishes – and then keeps coming back. Then he vanishes again – and is coming back again and again. 

I completely agree with that. Because somehow – I have no idea why! – women get excited every time he comes back. I would like to ask those women: Why do you get excited…? I just don’t get it. You think that “it’s a proof he missed you”? Really…? This is what you think is happening? It only proves that he’s bored, that’s it. You’re just one of his options and apparently, other options weren’t available on that particular day, so he found the way back to you. He’d stay there until he gets bored and disappears again. Don’t you see that…? I always am wondering what’s going through a woman’s head (I’m a woman, but I definitely would not let any guy to toy with me like that) and why does she think she can’t get anything better. 

Because it’s all about that – you let him come back, because you think you don’t deserve anything better. Deep inside, you think that this is all you can get. Had you cared about yourself more, you wouldn’t hurt yourself like that. Because this is what it is: hurting yourself. You’re happy for a bit, but then you feel disappointed, “not good enough”, and your self-esteem drops down. And every time it happens, you hit even lower. And what’s worse: you won’t give any chances to yourself to other guys, because you keep waiting for “him” to come back.

Where is a sense in all of this…? Women usually explain it by saying: “He’s not that bad”, “We have a history together”, “We might be together one day”. Well… no, girl, you’re wrong. What’s more – you know you’re wrong, but you pretend you don’t have that gut feeling. A guy who makes you wait for him, or wonder if he ever gets in touch with you, is simply not worth of your time. You’re wasting energy for someone who won’t give you what you truly need. He gives you a carrot on a stick (if you know what I mean by carrot…) and gives you the wrong idea of what “could happen”. I will tell you right away – nothing will happen. You’re not someone he would want to be with. That’s why the next time he texts you or calls you – don’t respond or tell him you’re seeing someone. You have to finally move on and give your attention to someone who will think about you first – and not of himself. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself in this weird place, hanging out there, not knowing who are you anymore. Just call it “Mr. Big Syndrome”. And if you don’t know who’s Mr. Big, go out and rent the complete “Sex & the City” and just watch. One advice: skip the final episode and the two movies. They’re bullshit. Mr. Big won’t ever make you happy.