Step 38 – Don’t give up on this year yet

We are in the middle of August and that means that over 7 months of this year are gone. But the good news is that 5 of them are still left. It’s almost half of the year! 5 months is roughly 150 days! Do you know how much time that is? Don’t give up on this year just yet and make a new plan. What was it that you really wanted to do this year? Do you still remember? I took out my planner (as I do at the beginning of every month) and looked at my 2017 goals. Some of them are in progress, some of them have not started working on yet. But the fact that I haven’t even started to work on them yet shouldn’t stop me, right? I can start right now. Why not? Those goals are still valid and I still want to achieve them (like drinking water with lemon every morning – haven’t done it at all this year!). Maybe you look at your list and you don’t want to accomplish certain goals anymore or you have found new goals that became more important to you. Whatever that is – you still have time. Did you want to change your body? (a cliché New Years resolution) You can start at this very moment. Today is as good as any other day in January or February. Just take the first step, and then it’s going to be easier.  It’s all about creating a new habit. 

          I’m pretty happy with my list, although there are some points that I really suck at, such as I promised myself to go on more dates, but I went only on a few ones with this one guy and a few with another guy, not having a clue that they were dates (oops). It’s somehow not my priority, but maybe it should be because it’d put an extra smile on my face. And my body would be very happy as well. I’ll work on that, I promise (I can’t believe I have to promise something like that).

          Don’t think that you have to make a full list. Just think of one thing that you really wanted to achieve or accomplish. Something that would just make your life better and would make you happier. Think about that and put all your afford towards that. Whatever that is that you wanted to do – change your body, save money, start writing a book, do photography classes, learn how to make videos (my case), build something, go to a dream place – you still can do it.  Just ask yourself: What do I have to do to get there?

          The most important thing though is – don’t put pressure on yourself. Don’t treat this thing as something you HAVE TO DO, look at that as something you really WANT TO DO. It will change your whole perspective on it and it will really help you to achieve that goal. And don’t set too many goals for yourself – you’ll get dizzy and you will be discouraged before you even start. Remember – You do it because it will improve your life. Be happy about it, get excited. If you think of this new goal as a burden, it will immediately start to be one.  Growth is an adventure, aren’t you curious about whom you’d become? Just take a deep breath and enjoy the ride…