Walk With Me, Part 1 – Brookfield Place and The Statue of Liberty

Many people who visit NY and want to see Statue of Liberty take 5 subway line and get off at Bowling Green station, next to Battery Park. After they spot the Statue, they walk between buildings to the World Trade Center. What I would suggest is a different solution. Take the E train and get off at the World Trade Center station, then head to Brookfield Place (you can also visit Freedom Tower and the World Trade Center memorial). Many people have no idea that this place even exists. It’s a brand-new shopping center – and it’s not that I recommend you necessarily shop there (it’s pretty expensive). Still, it’s worth to check out the building itself (both lower and upper part of it), especially the palm trees that are inside (palm trees are amazing anywhere). Grab a coffee, a donut or your lunch there (there is a food court upstairs). Then go for a walk along the river, which will take you to Battery Park. It’s really pretty and calming. You can sit on a bench and have your lunch, or move to the grass and sit there, looking at the Statue. You can also do it the other way around – get off close to Statue (there is Starbucks there, too, so you can grab some beverage if you want to) and then head along the river to Brookfield Place and have lunch there. Either way is better than walking around the concrete that’s inevitable once you get off at Bowling Green.