How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s been three months of the New Year already and I bet most of you forgot about your resolutions by now, right? I didn’t forget about mine, just because I carry my notebook with me all the time. And I wrote them down on the first page, just to be sure I would check it once in a while. And I really do read them again every month. Did all of them become part of my life? Most of them did and this is a reason why I always need to come back to them – because it takes only a second to forget what you were aiming for in January. 

If you forgot about yours or you haven’t done your list yet, just so you know – you still have 9 months to go! It’s 9 MONTHS, roughly 270 days more! Don’t wait for another January.

I don’t like calling my list one of “resolutions”. It’s about my goals, and I put everything on it. Not only what I wanted to achieve career-wise, but what habits and what behavior do I have to change – as well as whom I want to become by December 2017. I just didn’t want to go through this year without giving it some purpose. If I say – I want to have a great body, I can’t just write it down like that, I have to write down: “Work out 5 times a week and change my diet”. And I have to be specific. I even wrote down what food I’ve always wanted to have in my apartment (nuts, chia seeds, almond milk, oatmeal, greens, lemon, bananas – I have to be sure that I can prepare my juice or a shake at any time). You have to get detailed with everything you want to achieve or change, otherwise it indicates you didn’t want to do it in the first place. 

I encourage you to sit down and make a list for yourself starting today especially since Spring is coming (well, not in NY, it’s still cold here…). It will give you a boost of confidence. And make your list only for 3 months. It’s proved that scheduling something for a shorter period of time will give you more results. I’ll make mine too, from April 1st until June 1st, 2017 and will be very specific. Don’t make a long list, just put a few things on it (e.g. I will start my day with water and lemon or I won’t check social media for the first two hours after I wake up). Don’t be too ambitious, because you will end up doing nothing. Be reasonable and focus on something that really bothers you and need to be changed. It can be only one thing, but make it your priority and make sure you remember about it every day. So what is that you need to change this Spring…?