Step 26 – Why Women Have to Work Out?

I wrote about it on Just Like NY already, but I will keep on writing about that until you all will understand it – we women have to work out. Men have to work out too, of course, but I think it especially crucial when it comes to women. Why? Because, as I said before – I don’t believe that a woman who is not satisfied with her body can have a truly happy life. I just don’t believe it. I do think it’s a bit different for men, since the pressure to be skinny is just smaller amongst them (compare the number of magazines with amazing female bodies on their covers to the number of magazines with male bodies).

The pressure is on us, no matter what size you have. You’re a 10 – you want 6. You’re a 6 – you want to be 2. You’re a 2 – you want to have a smaller stomach and muscles. I know it because I’ve been there. There will be always something “wrong” with your body. And it really doesn’t help if you decide to give up and just stop doing anything about that. Word of wisdom: just work out. Force yourself to move your ass and do some kind of exercise. It will help your body, it will influence your brain and change your mind. It will definitely boost your self-confidence. And this is something we all really need.

Being a woman is an amazing thing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else, but there is a lot of pressure on us in this world. And it’s not only the one about being skinny. It’s about being a good mother, a good role model, a good employee, a good boss. To maintain all of that, you have to be strong and confident. If you look in the mirror in the morning saying: “Ughh… Can’t even look at myself” what message you’re sending out? How do you think your day will go? How will that determine your actions that day, how will it affect your choices? My main concern about us is that we will be ruled by our own body. We will avoid certain situations, relationships, opportunities, because we would think we don’t look good enough (been there, done that).

We have no idea how much our bodies determine our lives. Especially when it comes to relationships, we will agree on someone who won’t fulfill our needs, just because “he’s there”. Because we are not confident in ourselves, we have this tendency to make weak choices, based on our fear to not to look and be good enough. As soon as a guy shows interests in us, we’re in! And it’s not how it is supposed to work! Why we are immediately ready? Because we’re afraid that no one else will show us any interest. This is what we think about ourselves. Working out, working on yourself, really changes your perspective.  Every pound you lose it’s gaining a new pound of confidence.

It works. I started “coming back to my senses” when I finally decided to work out regularly. As soon as I noticed that my size is changing, my posture changed, I started looking at myself completely different. Looking at myself in the mirror stopped being painful, buying a bikini stopped being the worst nightmare in my life and going on a beach became a real pleasure (I have been avoiding beach for over 8 years!!!). Then I added working at myself mentally – reading certain authors, changing my habits, being more focused and less concerned about how other people wanted me to be – and everything changed. Yes, I’m single, but it’s a choice, not a must. I know he’s out there and he’ll come to my life when I’m ready and that means – when I start doing something about it. But I will say “Yes” to that guy, because I want to, my decision will be based not on my fear, but on my confidence. That’s why you have to move your ass and get to work! a NOW!