Step 23 – Do You Have To Find Your Passion?

What do you think about this advice: Find your passion…? I used to think it’s a piece of great advice and I thought that when I finally do find my passion, it would magically solve all my problems. Now I think it’s bullshit. Find your passion… what does that even mean? How does one find one’s passion? Do you just google it according to your zodiac sign and date of your birth? You can’t do a search for your passion. It’s like me telling you – go to this party and find a love of your life, you have two hours! What a stupid idea!

Passion is not just something you go and look for. It’s something that is inside you and it may take years for you to find it. And what’s even funnier – you might never find it, because you just don’t have one. And there is nothing wrong with that! Your life is not worse without one. Is as good as the life of people who live with their passion. Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t wake up with „a mission”. I think it’s time for you to understand that the most important mission you have in life is just to wake up noticing that you have another great day ahead of you. This is your purpose, this should be your passion. Everything else is just secondary. If you don’t wake up happy just because you’re alive, you’re healthy and have someone who cares about you, there’s no passion on this planet that could possibly help you out. Wake up and appreciate what you already have: be excited about another day. And simply go for it. 

And if you’re still really bothered by the fact that you don’t have anything to live for, that „you don’t have passion”, then just- as someone wise said – „follow your curiosty”. Explore things you’re interested in, fill you day with things that make you curious or make you smile. What are your interests? Fashion? Cooking? Cars? Animals? Just read, learn, dive in and the odds that it will become your passion are actually pretty big.

You don’t have to find your passion to have a great life. Don’t waste your life on worrying about it, because you might end up spending the whole life feeling an emptiness while a truly passionate life is happening just in front of your eyes. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to get this perspective, especially when you think that life sucks at that moment, the day just wasn’t great for you. But I bet that even then there was something that made you smile, so hold on to this thing and be excited about things that are coming to you. Is this passionate enough for you? I know it is for me.