Step 18 – You Can Paint Your Future

What are you typical habits or routines at the beginning of the new year…? Do you have any…? I’ve never did so far, maybe except the usual New Year’s resolutions I forgot about right after January finished, but I decided to change it last year and tried something different.

I read this book my friend Michal recommended to me: it’s called “168 hours” and the author asks you to write down your 100 wildest dreams. Anything that comes to your mind, things that you’re ashamed of, or you’re even afraid of dreaming about. Most of you don’t want to do something like that, because it’s “stupid” and “makes no sense”, right? Besides, “what would people say”…? First of all – who cares what they say? Who the fuck cares?! It’s 2017, for God’s sake! Second of all – why would you show it to anyone? It’s for you! And for you only. I did it because I was curious what would come to my mind. And I was surprised by what was happening in my head. But I’m even more surprised that a year later, I am looking at my list and seeing that six of my dreams (“wildest dreams”, mind you) came true! I hoped they would come true one day, but it took me under a year to have them in my life! And now I really believe that the others will come true. Because… why the hell not?

The second thing I started doing this year, and which is still not finished and in progress, is a vision board. I don’t know if you heard about that – I first heard of it last year, and decided to do it, because (once again) why not? It’s a board – it can be paper, any kind of board, a fabric, any texture you want to. You put things you want to get from life on it. If you want a family, you put a picture of a family, a car, house, a dream job, a place you want to visit, people you want to meet and etc. You can write down something, set a date for something, write down feelings you want to feel – anything that will make you happy. I put my major goal that might come true in a few years or in 10-20 years, some important dates, people I want to be friends with, a picture of a couple on a yacht because I want to have a man who owns a yacht – and a few other things. You don’t know when these things will come true, you kind of paint your own future. It’s best to have your vision board in front of your eyes every day, so keep it in a visible place. And again – it’s for you. However, if you don’t want to share your intimate world with anyone, just hide it (but I will say it again – it’s 2017 – you have the right not to care). 

Am I sure I’m not some kind of crazy idealist…? No. And maybe all of it sounds a bit childish. But, but… what if it actually works…? What if you screw yourself by simply just not putting these things out there? What if you end up not getting something only because you were afraid to dream about it in the first place? Why just not do it? I believe all I want will actually happen. You’re part of my journey, and you’re watching me. You can remind me of these words one day. Or I will remind you these words one day. But firstly and most importantly ask yourself – why not do it? Have some fun and just give it a go. Paint your dreams. One stroke at a time. And then see it happen till the whole picture becomes your everyday reality. How awesome is that?