Holiday Season Is On… Yet Again

It’s amazing how they force the holiday season onto us here! There was still one week of November left when I walked into a bank and there were Christmas songs on. Calm down, people.

This is what they do over here – the turkey leftovers are still on the table and they already turn Christmas season on. The Christmas trees came to town – they are already everywhere in the city – and people are decorating trees in their homes. I love Christmas trees, so probably I’ll have mine soon, as well, but it always amazes me how suddenly everyone is switching into the whole Christmas mood. And it’s especially funny since there is no evidence of Winter here whatsoever. I just came back from a beach, where I was walking in my hoodie, I didn’t even need a jacket. You turn on your TV and most of the commercials are covered with snow, there’s plenty of caroling people and – of course – gifts.

Let’s face it: it’s all about gifts; all about buying and spending money. Shop, shop, shop and then you will have bills, bills, bills (as Beyoncé sang) to pay. I believe that in two weeks we’ll have the winter sales already. And winter hasn’t even started yet! What’s with all this chasing after another season? Why can’t we simply enjoy one season at a time and not be half-immersed in the next one at the same time? I love the Fall, so I wanted to walk around in my leather jacket and my coat and enjoy the fact that the summer heat wave didn’t hit my face anymore and suddenly I have to concentrate on celebrating holiday season again. People already started shopping like crazy.

Christmas should be all about meeting with the closest ones and I wish this was what they advertised on TV. It should be about slowing down and thinking about the year that’s just about to end. Sit down underneath your Christmas tree, and think what was good about this year, what is it that you are proud of, what is it that you have to work on and what are your plans for the next year. Don’t go into all this craziness, because you’ll finish the year rushing into a new one without even thinking why you want to get there so badly. Calm down and slow down. Appreciate what you already have and simply be happy about it.