Step 6 – Keep Peace Within

I recently wrote in Step 5 on Just Like NY how important it is to find some time for yourself, ideally an hour without any kind of stimulation a day. I also mentioned Step 2 – and how important it is to be grateful every day. If you want to hear out your inner voice and make sure what is that you really want, it’s important to practice these things every single day. They will help you to keep peace within you and this peace eventually will change the way you proceed through your day.

When we focus our senses on the bright side of things, when we stop our thoughts from running like crazy through our heads, our perspective slowly begins to change. This calming down will help us separate ourselves from the negative thoughts we’re soaked in. You don’t think you are soaked in them? Do this simple experiment – start counting negative thoughts that come to you on the regular basis, starting with the ones about the weather. You’ll be shocked how many of them you actually have. Try to catch and eliminate them. While focusing on the good things, try to feel grateful, for this gratitude will help you get rid of the stuff that drags you down. When you start your day feeling grateful and with a peaceful mind (not necessarily turning on the news or Facebook with barely one eye open), focusing on positive things and eliminating the negative ones, you will start feeling that your breathing calms down.

Life does not consist of positive thoughts only, and never will be: there will forever be situations that are driving you crazy every day. And positive thinking might not work at all. How can you be positive when you just lost your job/ your relationship fell apart/ you are short for your rent/ you just argued with your boss? Worry-free days happen very rarely, that’s why it’s so important to take care of your mind’s hygiene. And that’s why it’s so important to practice it every day. I’m not saying that everything bad will fade away, but this practice will definitely help. A bit of peace every day will give you results: your days will be calmer and your peace will be contagious to others. You need peace to hear yourself out, but in order for it to happen you need to find a peaceful place inside you first.