Night of Beauty at Marie Lou&D

I’ve already mentioned on Just Like NY that living in New York is nothing like “Sex & The City”. We work a lot in here, and we have less time for ourselves than one could think. And this bullshit – I’ll just grab a coffee and come back with a new pair of Manolo Blahniks – doesn’t really happen. I can grab coffee and buy myself a protein bar or a muffin to feel better – and that’s about it. So when I do get an evening when I can actually focus only on myself, I’m more than happy to make the best of it. 

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to meet Ilona, who has inspired me since our first meeting (I’m pretty sure she’ll inspire you too – Every time she invites me for an event, I say “yes” without any hesitation. And it wasn’t any different this time, when she invited me to the Night of Beauty at Marie Lou&D. Since I really needed the Night of Beauty for myself (oh yes I did), and she mentioned “Soho” and “meeting new women”, I was all in. The event took place at Marie Lou&D salon which was opened in NYC a few months ago and is already popular. I was more than happy to get a free manicure (d-uh!) and some experiments with my hair. Not only did I end up looking like an Angel (with red nails) afterwards, but I felt really feminine and – most importantly – I met great women, Polish women! How important it is to meet interesting Polish women when you live far away from home is a subject for a separate post. 

When you get to experience an evening like that, you can really feel “like you’re in NY”. What does that mean? A bit of chic, elegance, luxury and a walk in Soho afterwards. We all need it sometimes. 

Not only we were lucky to get free treatments over there, but we also got 20% off for the next visit. Since I really want you to feel special, too, I encourage you to visit Marie Lou&D yourself. What’s great is that if you mention “Just Like NY” or “Ilona Lee” – Ile Maison you will get 20% off too! Marie Lou&D offers manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, and state-of-the-art massage. I bet you’ll need it one day. Give yourself a gift and try it out – you won’t regret it. It’s great to be a woman, isn’t it?

Marie Lou&D, 345 West Broadway, New York, NY, phone: 212 390 8666,

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