Matcha Latte Groove

I remember when I moved to NYC, I made a bit fun of all those women who always buy green tea or matcha latte, shop at Whole Foods (a bit expensive store with healthy food) or Trader’s Joe (cheaper version of Whole Foods – I really recommend it). And now, 3 years later, I’m one of them too. True, I haven’t ordered Matcha Latte yet, but I feel this moment is coming. Considering the number of chemicals packed into food over here, I realized I really have to check carefully what I’m choosing to eat. Yes, organic food is more expensive, but I believe that choosing it (hoping that they didn’t trick you) is one way of saving on doctor’s bills in the future. 

Eating healthy in NYC is not a problem since the spots with fast and healthy food are popping up rapidly recently. I’ve already mentioned on Just Like NY a the place I eat at pretty often – Fresh&Co. I also go to Just salad, there are Fresh and Chopt and I just discovered Sweetgreen that I liked a lot. You can buy the different type of salads there (also warm ones) and a big variety of smoothies. You pay for meal around $11. You can find smoothies on almost every corner in NYC nowadays; the prices start at $6.  Almost every Manhattan deli has them in their offer now. At most of those places, you can buy a smoothie with a protein powder, which is also really popular in NYC now.

What’s more, almost every deli, especially in Manhattan, has a “healthy corner” nowadays. You will find protein bars over there (also really popular in NYC), as well as all those weird things like kale chips, broccoli bites and natural sweets made of chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, goji berries, coconut chips and who knows what else. I have to admit that every time I go to a deli, this corner is the place I’m looking for and I always find something new. The fact that it becomes so popular makes me happy because it makes my life easier and helps me to stay on my chosen healthy track. I would definitely not grab a nice-looking pastry anymore and would choose something that works better for my body instead. And also – the fact that the number of these spots is only growing, means that awareness of people is growing, as well. And that in itself makes me even happier.