I have wanted to get my own photo shoot in NYC for a while now, so I asked one of my friends, a photographer, to do it with me. We chose Dumbo. It’s a great spot because it combines the new NYC with the city of the past. We chose the spot perfectly because this is exactly how I feel right now. The old me is going away and a new me stepped in. I started working on myself, I faced my own fears, I cut my own bullshit and I started fighting for a body I always wanted to have. I guess you can say I did some spring cleaning on myself. 

Until I turned 18 years old, I used to be fit. Then I changed my diet, stopped working out that much and gained some weight. Suddenly my size was 40-42(6-8) and after a while, I stopped even confronting the scales. On top of that, my skin was just terrible. I was miserable. The memory of how I felt and how it ruined my confidence is really vivid for me. One day I changed my diet, started working out and my weight started going down. When I was around 30, I started cleansing my body (I do it every 6 months) and I finally got back on track again; my skin got much better, too. Last year, I started being very consistent about my work-outs (I did them at least 3 times a week, and they were heavy ones, plus I started walking a lot). Over a month ago, I finally changed my diet (I am still learning about that) and started working out more (3 workouts + swimming twice a week). I feel like I bought a one-way ticket. My energy level is different, fat is slowly burning down and my confidence is going up. Even my face changed. When I look at those pictures I don’t think: “Oh, I hope people like them”, I think: “Damn, I’m proud of myself!”. I’m proud because I had the guts to step up, fight for myself and cut the bullshit about whom I supposedly am, whom I can become and what I am capable of. Who you become it’s only a matter of your choice. Don’t blame anyone else, it’s all about the decisions you make. I always wanted to be this fit, attractive girl who people respect. And I finally have the courage to go there. 

That’s why I start my project that I kind of started with a few posts already, I would call it for now “Transformation”. I want you to start fighting for who you really want to become. Is it easy…? Oh no, it’s an EVERYDAY strain – not only a psychical one but a mental one, too. You have to condition yourself for a different mindset – you have to understand that there is no other way than being consistent. You have to also have a vision of where you are going. Do you want to have a fit body? Start working out and change your eating habits. Do you want to change the job? Think about what steps you have to take to get there. You have to do it with all the spheres of your life. 

What is it that you really want? I recently heard a very wise sentence: “If you really want to achieve something, set a year goal and then break it into a quarter, months, weeks, days, hours”. I’m sorry, but there is no other way. You are the only one who can lead yourself where you want to get. So just say: “I’m done with that”, step up and fight for yourself. That’s the only fight worth getting into.